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Australian Teaching Aids (ATA) is proud to present its’ special range of sports stickers for kids events. Our products assist teachers and coaches to encourage and motivate students and team members on that big day. Health experts insist that sports and exercise should be an essential part of school and growing up. Being active in nature encourages respect for one’s body, team skills and discourages laziness. Sporting achievement is enhanced by awards and recognition.

ATA’s inexpensive sporting award stickers such as place ribbonssports certificates, progress charts and much more come in a variety of designs and bright colours. These are perfect as prizes for kidsawards for school sports carnivals, inter-school olympics, swimming carnivals, physical education departments or for team sports associations.

Sports Awards For Kids Swimming EventsAwards for Kids’ Sporting Achievements

There’s nothing like a bit of recognition to make a child feel special. Sport and physical exercise may seem natural to us, but for children developing their motor skills it is a challenge, especially in front of their peers. Teachers rewarding their students for overcoming a fear of physical performance using simple sports sticker awards promote confidence and plant the seed of self esteem. When the student bursts through the door at home after school, proudly showing off their stickers of achievement, the confidence is bolstered in the parents and a culture of effort and praise is reinforced in the home.

Awarding merit for sporting achievement has not only proven to be successful in physical education programmes and team sports scenarios but also for the improvement of attitude and disposition of problematic children. Take for example the child that is starting to exhibit episodes of undesirable behaviour. By guiding the child into a systematic effort and reward behaviour pattern in their sporting life, more cheerful attributes often surface.  As children build confidence in themselves they also build trust in teammates and learn to co-exist more harmoniously with their peers. Children like this often take leaps and bounds in their improvement and can grow into sporting role models at school.

Waterproof Sports StickersColourful Sports Awards make Achievement Attractive

Sports Awards are attractive to children – happy faces, playful characters, and cheerful cartoons are all ways to make learning and improving fun. Children love to be told when they have done a good job or have made progress within the classroom or home but love it even more when they are awarded with something tangible. Something they can attach to their shirts, books or bedroom wall. To them it could be an olympic medal.

From holographic glitz placing medals to colourful glossy award certificates, you are sure to find something for that extra special lasting memory.

1st place medals and ribbons catalogue


Restickable 1st Place Ribbons

Restickable Place Ribbons Features: self adhesive soft plastic rectangles, restickable, waterproof
Ideal for: swimming carnivals

1st Place Award Stickers

1st Place Award Ribbon Stickers Features: large 40mm diameter.
Ideal for:mini sporting events

Glitz Medal Stickers

Glitz Medal Award Stickers Features: 40mm diameter, holographic
Ideal for: carnivals, mini olympics

Sports Certificates

Sports Award Certificates Features: 210mm x 148mm
Ideal for: assembly, awards days