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Reasons to Reward

The following thoughts are from our guest blogger on merit stickers. Merit stickers are widely used in schools to reward good behaviuor and different levels of achievements. But they are especially useful for children’s sport activities! First of all it’s fun. No doubt about it and it’s fun for both sides for kids and for their…

Fun Kids Games for All Ages – Top 15 List

Fun Games for Kids Kids, kids, kids… they’re everywhere.  Running around having fun but most importantly – learning and growing.  Us adults are not entertainment machines, but we can sure have fun with our kids and our kids’ friends with the following learning games for kids: Play rock, scissors and paper for a while.  Then…

PE Activities – Mini Olympic Class

Our dynamic dot stickers and progress charts can be used by PE Teachers and coordinators of sporting events as a method of tracking progress and awarding merit. Class size: up to 40 Teaching Aids Required:  Dynamic Dots and Progress Charts for each student, Stop Watch, basketball, hula hoop, large cushion, frisbee Student Roles:  Group Representatives,…

1st place medals and ribbons catalogue


Restickable 1st Place Ribbons

Restickable Place Ribbons Features: self adhesive soft plastic rectangles, restickable, waterproof
Ideal for: swimming carnivals

1st Place Award Stickers

1st Place Award Ribbon Stickers Features: large 40mm diameter.
Ideal for:mini sporting events

Glitz Medal Stickers

Glitz Medal Award Stickers Features: 40mm diameter, holographic
Ideal for: carnivals, mini olympics

Sports Certificates

Sports Award Certificates Features: 210mm x 148mm
Ideal for: assembly, awards days