Sports Awards

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Sports Carnival Awards

We understand the amount of hard work that goes into organizing and preparing for inter-house and inter-school sports carnivals, not to mention the execution of these events on the day. ATA’s sports carnival awards are specifically designed for these kinds of events and assist sport coordinators in running things smoothly while adding to the buzz and excitement of the competition. There are no pins to lose and the vinyl medal ribbons will adhere to wet or dry clothing and never leave a mark.

Track & Field Awards

Awards for Kids Sports Carnivals

For homeroom or house competitions involving mini Olympic style carnivals such as sack race, egg & spoon races, tunnel-ball, relay races, corner spry and leaderball we have the perfect selection of adhesive sports awards that work well for individual events and overall achievements without breaking the budget.

There is also a range of self-inking rubber stamps that coordinators can use during sports carnivals to make sure that all students have received some kind of recognition,  something to show their parents when they get home.

Awards for School Athletics Carnivals

For school wide or inter-school athletics carnivals involving track, field and cross country events that award the top 4 winners, our product range includes a variety of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place medal stickers.  We also offer medals and ribbons of encouragement and great effort awards for recognizing participation.

Surf Life Saving Awards

Awards for Swimming Carnivals

For awards at swimming carnivals and surf life saving event days based around water sports we have the perfect alternative to pin on ribbons and heavy medals. The ATA medal ribbons are self adhesive, water resistant and virtually indestructible. These vinyl medal ribbons can be placed on the child’s chest as they get out of the water.  The soft plastic material adheres to wet lycra and can be removed and attached again without losing its’ stick.

For other kinds of recognition our sport certificates and charts with dynamic stars are useful for recording and praising overall achievement on sports days.  We also have sport themed prizes such as pencils and stickers for extra rewards.

Whatever the occasion, we aim to provide teachers, coaches, sports coordinators and faction leaders a cost effective solution to sports carnival awards, spreading smiles on that big day.

1st place medals and ribbons catalogue


Restickable 1st Place Ribbons

Restickable Place Ribbons Features: self adhesive soft plastic rectangles, restickable, waterproof
Ideal for: swimming carnivals

1st Place Award Stickers

1st Place Award Ribbon Stickers Features: large 40mm diameter.
Ideal for:mini sporting events

Glitz Medal Stickers

Glitz Medal Award Stickers Features: 40mm diameter, holographic
Ideal for: carnivals, mini olympics

Sports Certificates

Sports Award Certificates Features: 210mm x 148mm
Ideal for: assembly, awards days